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This is my first time doing all of this so bear with me. :) I am doing some Quick Pages for a friend of mine who makes her own Scrap kits. I will get better as I get used to doing these.

I started out doing web pages and graphics for my own leagues. Now I do business pages, Tourney pages, League Pages and tags at request. I went offline for a while due to personal reasons. While offline, I messed around with tagging for fun and found out, I like doing graphics much better than pages. So here I am. She pointed me to Quick Pages after I showed her some of the tags I made for fun.

I will be making Quick Pages and Previews for her and hopefully other designers eventually. Check back for new Quick Pages. All kits and/or designer sites will be linked in the blog containing Quick Pages for that kit.

All quick page downloads are for Personal Use ONLY! I hope you all enjoy my quick pages! Happy Scrapping and please feel free to leave any feedback or questions in my chat box! Enjoy :) ~Kiertiana~

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ebony & Ivory Kit

I made these pretty quick pages using the Ebony & Ivory Kit made by Crystals Cottage Scraps. They are the 1200x1200 in .psd format. If you'd like to purchase this kit, go to Crystal's Cottage Scraps and browse her gorgeous collection of kits!

To download these quick pages, click HERE

I hope you enjoy and have fun with them! :)

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